The Future of Fashion

(Image from Sonam Kapoor's instagram) Hello everyone, It feels so good to be back to blogging and typing my hea...

(Image from Sonam Kapoor's instagram)

Hello everyone,
It feels so good to be back to blogging and typing my heart out. I know I know it has been a while since my last post went up but I assure you, I intend to put up content very very soon. I have lots of ideas and inspiration penned down in my journal and I cannot begin to set them in motion. Most of these come from my latest fancy, fashion documentaries. Now if you tell me to watch a one and a half hour long documentary on ancient ruins or outer space, no thanks. But if the same revolves around clothes, creative directors of different houses and the revolution of the fashion industry, THEN YES PLEASE, bring the popcorn.

A while back I came across a series called 'The Future of Fashion', in which Alexa Chung (model/ TV Presenter and contributing editor at British Vogue) explores the industry in and out to show the viewers that fashion isn't this untouchable, stereotypical thing everyone assumes it to be. A career in fashion is an actual career, and involves the efforts of an array of people with different skill sets. It might seem intimidating from the outside, (Devil Wears Prada is a testimony to this) but is a very emotional and open minded industry.

I absolutely loved watching it and I find Alexa Chung hilarious. She delves into each and every part of fashion, from its psychology and immediacy to topics like body shaming and the importance of social media in today's world. She went through the top searches related to fashion on google, things like "how much money does a fashion designer make", "what is fashion merchandising" and "career options in fashion" came up. Even though this industry has evolved immensely, a majority of people seem unaware of its vastness and career opportunities. To the layman it may seem like a concept revolving around a model, designer and a fashion show but it is so much more than that.

One of my favorite things about the documentary was when she dived into the topic of 'Trend Forecasting'. She took the audience to the WGSN, the world's foremost online forecasting, analysis and research service. Chung spoke to Lauretta Roberts, the Director of Brand at WGSN, who gave a brief overview on how this whole thing works. Essentially they look up and collect information on cultural influences all around the world, including food, street fashion, cars etc which influence the way people dress, thus setting a backdrop for how fashion will develop in the future. One of the members there had created a mood board for mens trends spring/summer' 17, from various sources be it Tumblr or Pinterest (Isn't that so cool!)

So next time you're procrastinating/getting bored, do give this a watch! Also let me know if you liked this post and would like more rants related to other fashion documentaries/topics. And thank you for being so patient with my posts, I promise to get to it as soon as possible! Meanwhile here's a glance at what spring is bringing into my neighborhood. (Warning- Proceed with caution, lots and lots of flowers coming up)

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